Kubu Consulting      Australia - Africa

Specialists in the following areas 
Roads, Airport planning and operation, Materials, Pavements, Bitumens
, PMS/MMS systems, Institutional re-structuring, Analysis of complex failures

KUBU has a unique combination of world-acknowledged experts: Dr Stephen Emery and Dr Emile Horak, complimenting each other, to provide a holistic capability. The depth of personal expertise is complimented by the variety of network relationships with traditional consultants, contractor bodies, oil industry groups, and client bodies at local, provincial/state, central/federal government and international levels. These network relationships enable KUBU to operate as specialists with a lean core structure and utilizing the broad support of such network linked institutions. KUBU has a significant track record in developing solutions to complex problems while satisfying all parties and working with discretion. 

Kubu capability statement        RSA Section 51 manual

Selected conference papers
 Airport Engineering 
Pavement Engineering 

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