Kubu Consultants Pty Ltd, Pretoria, South Africa
Kubu Australia Pty Ltd, Perth, Australia

Kubu capability statement

KUBU is the Sotho word (one of the main South African dialects) for a hippopotamus. In Africa the saying goes " It is just the ears of the hippopotamus" which means it is just the tip of the iceberg. That describes Kubu's capabilities.

KUBU has a unique combination of world-acknowledged experts, complimenting each other, to provide such a holistic capability as needed in the South African environment (Kubu Consultants Pty Ltd of Pretoria; started in 1996) and Australian environment (Kubu Australia Pty Ltd of Perth; started in 1999). The depth of personal expertise is complimented by the variety of network relationships with traditional consultants, contractor bodies and client bodies at local, provincial/state and central/federal government levels. These network relationships come from successful personal careers in these fields associated with premier institutions and good personal inter-relationship skills. These network relationships enable KUBU to operate as specialists with a lean core structure and utilizing the broad support of such network linked institutions. That describes Kubu's capabilities.

This gives KUBU the ability to operate with broad freedom in areas such as:



totop.gif (1425 bytes)Strategic Management, Policy development and Institutional change

Technical and operational expertise

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