Last updated: 27 May 2013  
There are well over 150 papers written or co-authored by Stephen Emery or Emile Horak.  This page provides access to some of those papers.  They are typically in Adobe Acrobat format.  Click on the paper to open or download it. 

Horak E, Emery S and Mihaljevic, I (2011) Balancing asphalt rut resistance with durability and safety requirements on runway rehabilitations. Airfield Pavements Seminar, XXIVth World Road Congress, Mexico City, 28-29 Sept
Makundila , E and Horak, E (2011) The Use Of Rigden Voids And Variations Of The Ring And Ball Test To Determine The Effect Of Filler Sized Material In Sand Emulsion Mixes. 10th Conf. Asphalt Pavements for Southern Africa, Drakensberg, South Africa
Guiamba, D, Horak, E and Visser, A (2010). Comparative study of non-destructive field testing devices on BSM-Emulsion. Southern Africa Transportation Convention, Pretoria, South Africa
Horak E (2006) Redirection of the expanded public works programme to facilitate mobility, safety and job creation in communities. Southern African Road Federation (SARF) combined International Conference with The International Road Federation (IRF), September, Durban , South Africa .
HORAK, E and EMERY, S J (2006) Falling Weight Deflectometer Bowl Parameters as Analysis Tool for Pavement Structural Evaluations. 22nd ARRB Conference, 29 Oct-2 Nov 2006, Canberra 
Horak E and Khumalo T (2006) A pilot correlation study between deflection bowl parameters measured with a light weight and standard falling weight deflectometer. South African Road Federation and International Road Federation Conference , South Africa.
Horak E, Hattingh J and Visser AT (2002) Synthesis of Appropriate Technologies to Upgrade Gravel Streets to Paved Streets. IMESA conference, East London, 22-25 October
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